Things to do while dating a guy

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And yet I’m still not a great fan of dating – especially “recreational” dating (). Our young people aren’t too enthusiastic about either of these options.

And that’s when we discovered the concept of and I thought all our problems were solved. So just for the record – while there are many benefits to courtship – it does not answer all the questions.

Happiness is in the little things, not big castles and magic carpet rides. You won't always spend all night long texting on talking on the phone, but enjoy it while you do.

But sometimes, if you fast-track through the early relationship stages, things in a relationship can feel stale real fast.

The honeymoon phase ends, and you're left irritated by just about everything and anything your partner does.

When you're in the early stages of a relationship, everything is great.

You're still learning about your partner, experiences are new and fresh, and you're caught up in too much ~luuuuuvvvvv~ to care about anything else in the world.

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