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This article looks at different types of concurrency control and then shows how to implement the built-in optimistic concurrency control offered by the Sql Data Source control. Before we explore concurrency control options and see how to utilize the Sql Data Source control's built-in optimistic concurrency control functionality, let's first take a moment to discuss why concurrency control may be needed.

Now, imagine that two managers visit this page at the same time from different computers and both notice that a the product "Scott's Tea" has a unit price under .00.

If you are ordering a ticket to a concert or plane flight online, it's important that from the time you pick your seat to the time you place your order and provide your payment information that some other user doesn't sneak in and take the seat you're ordering.

To accommodate this, many reservation systems let you choose a seat and then lock it for a specified duration.

It's only used in situations where concurrency conflicts cannot, under any circumstance, happen.

A common scenario where pessimistic concurrency control is valid is in reservations.

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